Monday, August 10, 2020

Filling time

Where is the time even going? Where? Its like days get sucked into the pandemic abyss. I get up, I do things, I go to bed again. We are being fed, I am filling orders but the days events seem blurred against the backdrop of covid 19 and political and racial unrest. 

I just sent out a quick email to my email folks , all uplifting and rather positive and then I click over here and I'm already beginning to feel a little...unsettled. 

How are you? Are you navigating? 

I take refuge in making my one of kind recycled earrings because I get a little lost, a little forgetful of all else that is happening so that's where I'll be today. If you'd like to see these new pieces completed AND maybe check out my big summer studio sale stop by the shop August 22-24.

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