Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Visiting spindleworks

I made a flying trip to one of my favorite places in the world at the beginning of the month. Maine never disappoints. We were fortunate to catch the leaves just starting to change color.

It was fortuitous that the most recent addition of ACC magazine with an article highlighting spindleworks - a progressive art center for disable adults in Brunswick arrived just a few weeks before the trip and I put it on the "places to stop" list.

spindle works shop

Although we got there too late in the day to meet with any artists,  the director was kind enough to give me a tour. I was so inspired but the quality and the volume of the work being produced. The have painting, sculpture, ceramic and weaving studios. They have a dark room, have started film/multi media production and even had their first fashion show this year. Its a truly impressive place.

paint studio
I hope to make an adventurous winter trip (winter in Maine?) in the next couple of months so my husband and I can spend a full day or two at spindleworks.  I feel certain there is a lot we can learn here to take with us on our next trip to volunteer with SHAPE in Saint Helena and I'm looking forward to meeting artists while they're working.

To learn more about how spindle works started (surprisingly it was with weaving) and how they work today, be sure to read this article on Disparate Minds.

weaving studio