Friday, November 15, 2019

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft show was one of the best shows I have had thus far - starting with being able to unload my van right at my booth. Making good use of their walkie talkies, the committee coordinates so that standard size vehicles drive right into the isles.

 My husband created sets of walls that are connected according to how they go up -
he much more organized than me. 

New Redeemed earring display in action complete with new mirror and blurry selfie. 

In retrospect, I should have rented a black curtain for the back instead. Live and learn. 

We stayed just two blocks from the Convention Center and I had help the entire weekend which kept potential stress at bay. As always, making friends with neighbors at the show was awesome and I learned to much from talking to other veterans to the craft show scene. I know there is going to be some jealously (because I myself have been the one who is jealous) but for the most part, there is encouragement and camaraderie.

And thank you so very much - I am humbled and grateful - to every customer ! You made my weekend! I  am buoyed by your interest in and support of my work!

Hope to see you next year Philly!