Friday, January 31, 2020

Studio storage

I've been desperately needing to address some organization issues that were holding back my efficiency and comfort in my studio.  I haven't spent too much money on my studio, preferring to solve my needs creatively, meaning...I used what I already had. The amount of time I'm now spending in this room made me realize that its time to make it all work better.

I purchased some antique wooden boxes because I already was using some for storage, they are modular in that they stack, they aren't that expensive (for me, in rural Pennsylvania anyway) and no matter which ones I buy  they will give me a visually cohesive look. I have some modern/new/plastic storage but I know when they start to fall apart (and they will) I won't be able to replace them and will have to be concerned with how to recycle them.  (I have IKEA boxes that I really love but what happens when one cracks? Will IKEA still make those boxes?)

Now, I'm not going to completely clean up because according to Austin Kleon it will mess with my mojo.

I was gifted these hollow boxes. They make cool shelf like space. 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Jewelry thats in the shop

Happy New Year!

As happens with life, a family crisis interjected itself amid a whirlwind of shows and orders and holiday preparations at the end of 2019.

Dec. 4 my  husband suffered a severe acetabular fracture - his pelvis and the socket of his hip joint being broken in four places.  I cancelled my December show and our our life shifted gear to focus on his care for the 18 week recovery. Yeah. Five months.

My show schedule will stay as it is (ACC Baltimore coming up next month) and what is in my shop is all ready made but limited meaning, what is there is all there will be for another month.  While my husband is doing really well but his limited mobility means I am running the show around here and there are only so many hours in a day.