Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Recycled Redeemed Earrings

I just spent several days configuring and reconfiguring a new batch of Redeemed earrings. Each pair is made from recycled, previously cured, polymer components. I carve, sand, paint, drill and/or cure again - whatever is necessary to take them from leftover part to new earring.

I think I'm going to move toward adding some brooches to this line, sort of 3D collage really. They'll take a little more engineering than the earrings though.

This entire batch is going to my March gallery show at The Bellefonte Art Museum . I think I made 33 pairs so its slightly tempting to put a couple of them in the shop instead but I'm interested in seeing them all displayed together organized according to color at the show.

Friday, February 9, 2018

NYC Field Trip

We're back from an NYC field trip - part business exploration, part art inspiration.

gold collar, south america

african mask, 19th century

The main purpose of the trip was to check out NY Now the big (oh it big) wholesale trade show held twice a year at the Javits Center. I was able to attend as a potential future "non exhibiting manufacturer".
gold earrings, south america

Secondarily but no less important was the time we spent at The Met, The Whitney and the Museum of Art and Design. For me going to art museums is one of the most renewing things to do - I leave, brain awash with ideas, visuals and wisdom but somehow also relaxed.

Paul Klee
Frank Stella

Jasper Johns

Thirdly, a goal of every city enjoy non-American food. (And given the current political situation, eating food skillfully prepared by immigrants to the US almost feels like taking a stand.) We had fantastic Korean, Greek and Cuban food and superb service. Surely NYC would grind to halt if it ever stops welcoming immigrants.