Friday, March 29, 2013

Headed for the other hemisphere

We are officially on a countdown for a big trip to the small island of  Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean! (Yeah, check out that map, its WAY out in the ocean.) As some of you may know this is a return trip for us, having been there in 2008 when my husband was working on a photography project

This time we'll be visiting old friends and making new friends volunteering at SHAPE - Saint Helena Active Participation in Enterprise. SHAPE aims to provide training and work related experience for disabled people of working age, with the intention of them leading independent and fulfilling lives.

Much to be done to prepare for this kind of an adventure, much to be done...


  1. Wow, they really are at the ends of the Earth, Genevieve! Perhaps you have written about Saint Helena more recently? Your photos seemed familiar, but I've only been online less than two years, so I may have heard/read about the island elsewhere. Good fortune and may your visit prove fruitful!

    1. Thanks so much Monique! I have talked about Saint Helena before, I am sure, and I've also pinned images to my Pinterest boards. It is a British Overseas Territory so you are British or read any British news you may have read about the island - they are currently only accessible by boat but an airport is in progress.

      Also, I should have credited my husband, Kyle, for all the photos above ;-)

  2. Wow. I guess we'll have to try to squeeze in a day out before you go - or at least I'd love to. :^)

    Have a wonderful trip. I'm so excited for you!

  3. Genevieve, we have been away and my attemtps to try and leave a comment from an iPad have been thwarted. BUT I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL (I am shouting this!!) Welcome to our hemisphere. Like we'll be nearly neighbours, no? No. But sharing in the whole uprooting life thing yes! I will be there with you every step-the thrills, the angst, the what were we thinkings, the joys. Keep us posted and I'm off to look at esty for the "She's off again" purchase now! Huge hugs, Wendy