Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Style Watch

I had an unexpected request last Friday. Apparently People Style Watch magazine is considering my Reef bracelets for their summer addition! Samples (the Three Stack Set) had to be in NYC by yesterday morning. My husband drove 45 mins. to the nearest FedEx and they made it!  

I practiced some photos on white backgrounds before I shipped them off.  Now my colors seem TOO vivid.

Who knows how this will turn out of course. They could say no, they don't want them. They could be accepted and I could have zero interest OR they could gain interest and I would become a crazed, disk making fool.  I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea just to streamline my system for making this particular piece either way so thats how I spent my Saturday. 

While doing so I thought about the permaculture class I'm taking right now and how many other things in my life should be streamlined and put in order according to use and efficiency. 


  1. What an exciting opportunity, Genevieve! Sounds like the worst-case scenario would be if they said no, but then you'll already be on the shortlist for next time. Your design is very adaptable, of course, so IMHO they could go with so many styles and colours. Best of luck!

  2. Here's hoping this opportunity leads to something smashing and wonderful!

  3. I love the Reef bracelets Genevieve so hope it all goes well. There are worse things than being a crazed disk making fool I am sure! Hugs, Wendy

  4. Congrats either way for getting noticed! I think the bracelets are really lovely so full of color as they are. Best of luck :)