Monday, July 29, 2013

Introducing Ashley

They say when Ashley first came to SHAPE he was quite uncommunicative. Initially its hard to tell how connected he is to what is going on around him. 

Ashely cuts and wraps beads made from card stock/boxes donated to SHAPE from around the island. 
But start to spend some time with him and you realize he is very bright, misses little, loves color and is aware of all sorts of things even when he seems to not be paying any attention. 

And quite wonderfully, he is responding, with words more and more often. The day I got a direct "cool" in response to my new necklace design was a very good day indeed.

Working out payment and banking details for SHAPE's Etsy shop has been so much more complicated than we thought. The bank is in London, phone calls are $3min.,  SHAPE frequently loses internet connection and so on and so on...
But Paypal and banking info. needs to get straightened out so that they are actually getting the money from the sales they make. 

Coming soon to the Etsy shop - handmade journals using recycled paper. 

Recycled paper

Recycled paper pulp bowls


  1. how wonderful Genevieve! and exciting! I will be looking for the new shop!

  2. The pulp bowl looks beautiful and the recycled paper journals sound like a GREAT idea. How fantastic that Ashley has been able to become part of this. Good luck with the whole PayPal thing. (Cue a wry understanding smile) and with all the crazy combo of feelings this next week will bring. I will emai but am verily thinking of you! Hugs, W