Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Work for the gallery show went out the door on Saturday and I was left with a feeling of considerable accomplishment. I pushed through some design ideas and I learned a tremendous amount and I love that feeling. 

I sent some already completed pieces and quite a few brand new ones (like the big Constellation ring below). 

Livingston Montana's oldest non-profit art space, The Danforth Gallery, will be hosting a three week long wearable art show that will include jewelry, clothing and accessories by artists from the region and across the country. This fifth annual show is a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness in partnership with the Livingston HealthCare Foundation. The Park County Friends of the Arts will be raising money for Livingston HealthCare’s Mammogram Program, which offers screening services to uninsured and under-insured women. So its art for a great cause! 

The opening reception will take place at the gallery during the last Livingston Art Walk on Friday, September 27th from 5:30-9:00pm . The show will run through October 19th. This year’s opening night kick-off event will include cocktails, appetizers and surprise entertainment. (Sadly I won't be at the opening despite the fact that Livingston's proximity to Yellowstone made it sound like a great field trip opportunity!) If you're in the are and go to the show please send my photos! )

Participating artists will include: The Pigment Project, Little Pitterpat, Dawn Josephine Jewelry, Cabin Lil’, Gwen Strachan Jewelry, B.Handmade Design, Sarah Homans Design Jewelry, Karen Sorenson bison fiber textiles, Jibby and Juna Jewelry, Exit 330 Design Jewelry, Intrigue Ink, Salty and Sweet jewelry, Super Jenny Love hats, Astea Jewelry, Gingersnap Knits, Christine Shanafelt Grohusky jewelry, Wee Stitchery, Deana Albers Lloyd Jewelry and more.

For information please visit the website at www.pcfadanforth.org or call 406-222-6510.

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