Friday, September 6, 2013


No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth. Five days at sea, 24 hours in Cape Town, 23 hours by air...and we arrived home from Saint Helena, safe, sound if not exhausted on August 13. The gap from then to now is as a result of the re-settling needed...right now home feels a bit foreign. (Photos of the end of the trip coming soon - it was an emotional goodbye and we spent a good bit of the homebound journey talking about how soon we can go back.)

My studio got a new, even bigger, skylight while I was away (thanks Dad) so I'm doing some cleaning and re-organizing since things were moved and covered for the construction process and I am back to work with a big project on the horizon.

While looking for ways to better organize my time especially during the school year, I discovered a good way to leave things out while protecting them from dust and bugs and bits.  I covered my whole work area with cling film/plastic wrap. I sometimes work 1 hour here, 2 hours there and this will be so much better than cleaning up all the time. Anyone already do this? Sorry to sound so dippy but this was quite a eureka moment for me!

A very special book and postcards arrived not long before we got home. My mom carries a stash of the postcards in her purse to give out to people.  Its like putting the painting from K-garten on the frig times a million for her, I think.

Yes, the book! There are a couple pages of polymer history and solid polymer basics, 13 projects and lots of images of polymer work. (Its heavy on images - only the contents page and the page with basic polymer directions are all text.) But the things I like most about Cynthia's book is its focus on the artists (even though I hated having my picture taken) and the section titled "Assessing your work" (page 18). I love the "what are you doing and why?" being addressed by people working in polymer. Lets have more of that!

I'll be donating a copy of the book to our library (our library currently has NO polymer clay books!) and teaching a 2 hr. class there on the morning of October 6. Details forthcoming.


  1. Welcome home, however foreign it feels lovely Gen. I know just that feeling. The yearning. Nice to have a lovely bright studio to come back to. I shudder to think how much plastic wrap i go through as I often have several "tiles" on the go! Part of practising productive procrastination!! To quote Austin Kleon. Hugs dear friend. I have been LIVING in my earrings and necklace and loving myself sick! Thank you.

  2. And I loved your photo in the book!

  3. wow, some excting things happening ~ your trip sounds interesting. congrats on the book. so good to discover a time/work saver.

  4. Genevieve , I would love to take your class. Where is it?

    1. Hi Lucie, Thanks for much for your interest in the class!
      Its been moved to November 2 and will be at the Paul Smith Library in Shrewsbury, PA which is one hour north of Baltimore, MD. Its going to be a 2 hr., beginner level, "variations on a theme" class where students can chose to make earrings or a pendant with different components that they can vary to change the look.
      There will be a class fee and all (absolutely necessary) supplies will provided by me (one reason for pushing the date back). Students may bring additional clay, texture stamps, cutters and so on.
      I'll post further details on the blog next week but if you have any questions let me know.

    2. Awesome. Thanks for the info. It's on my calendar ;)