Monday, December 16, 2013

Get to know me on the inside

I had some fancy, unscheduled "Christmas photos" taken yesterday.  Thank God everything is intact - wasn't  expecting to get that good news after a very, nasty fall. I have a bad sprain that will slow me down a bit so its just as well that my Etsy shop closes on Thursday and my sister is hosting Christmas dinner. 

If you've placed an order lately, don't worry. Everything will ship as scheduled. I have "people" ;-) 


  1. Oh no - so sorry - sprains are so painful! But I am glad to know that your inside is as beautiful (and intact) as your outside! I wish you super speedy healing!

    1. Yeah, I was actually surprised (pleasantly) that it was only sprained because its was 'take your breath away- might vomit" sort of pain.
      Its now quite swollen and a lovely, pale shade of purple ;-)
      Thank you - will email soon!

  2. Darling Genevieve, sending so much love and wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank goodness for our "people" eh? Wendy