Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The outlook

Ice has melted (for the most part), electricity restored and yet another storm is headed our way. There seems to be a pattern now that about every 3-4 days something frozen falls from the sky. My husband has missed so many days of school, and his school year extended so far into June, that our summer plans have been majorly impacted. We thought we were headed back to Saint Helena again this year but thats looking less and less likely all the time.

Meanwhile, my polymer pasta roller gave up the ghost. Ok, let's be honest, I'm a little rough on tools. I got my new one in the mail in 2 days as well as a supply of wire and clay so I am good to go as long as we keep electricity.

If my husband has no school for several days this week, he'll take care of homeschool and I get to work in my studio. You always have to look for the silver lining?

Looking out the front door. 


  1. The weather has definitely been crazy in many parts of North America, Genevieve. I confess it's same-old, same-old here in northern New Brunswick... if anything, we're having LESS snow, not bragging ;)

    Thankfully, PC can be enjoyed in all sorts of weather. Hope you guys stay safe!

  2. Thanks Monique!
    Yeah, the weather patterns certainly have changed a bit this year. I have to believe somebody, somewhere is really enjoying all this though! I'm sure the skiers here in PA are happy :-)

  3. Oh Gen, it looks picture book perfect out your door but that is said through the lenses of a drought bespectacled Australian!! Hang in there and keep making your beautiful art! On ya Kyle! Hugs, Wendy