Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love to carve. You can watch me carve Fragment beads HERE today, working on necklaces to go with the drop Fragment earrings in the last image.

Fragment pieces displayed at Quench in Belfast Maine.


  1. The link just leads to your Facebook page... no place to watch you carve (which I totally want to see!) :)

  2. Thanks Megarroo! My most recent post on Facebook is a video of me carving. See if you can click on it (meanwhile I'll check it too to make sure its working).

  3. I think we might have to be friends with you to see it... I friend requested you but if you can make the video public instead of private, that would work too :)

  4. Sadly I am still not able to see it :( The last item on your timeline is about black sheep jewelry...

    1. How about now Meghan - I confirmed your friend request?