Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The post in which I try not to be too whiny

A month and half is certainly a long time to have neglected a blog, even for me.

I don't think everyone needs to homeschool their children - I am not a homeschool die hard with no regard for public education. I just think that if one decides to homeschool, they should really give it their all. It is people's education on the line!

And so that is where I've been lately, submerged in Algebra II and astronomy and ancient history and creating schedules and "mom, the page is missing from this book you just paid $75 for" and so on...

We got out for a much needed field trip to The Walter's Museum last week. 
It might be a little unpopular these days to admit that I sacrifice my work for my kids but thats whats been going on here lately. At the same time I don't want to sound like some kind of haughty, homeschooling martyr because often it brings me to tears actually, the wanting to be in the studio instead of reviewing grammar exercises…and then the guilt for wanting to be in the studio instead of reviewing grammar exercises. But I think we've rounded a corner in regard to scheduling,  for his year anyway, as I hone my time management skills.

(Detail of The Winged Genuis)

Thanks for listening. The whining if now officially OVER!

Remember that when time gets tight for me, you can still find quick posts on Facebook, inspiration on Pinterest and most recently I've really started to enjoy Instagram (@gwilliamson) where I post images of life and field trips and work progress.

I have some work going into the Etsy shop this week including mini dot earrings. 


  1. Not too whingey. The balance of work and kids is hard for every mum. Even mums who don't work. I don't think there is any right way to play it, you just have to do your best at staying sane. I definitely couldn't home school. I have enough trouble dealing with mine after they get home!

  2. I love your attitude to homeschooling. As parents, we all home school to some degree - or we should be doing so! You are just at the advanced and wonderful end of the continuum, I know, I've met the results! : )

    1. You are absolutely right Claire, we all homeschool! You very much get that…and I know, I've met the results too!

  3. I can so recall the powerful pull of the wanting to create and wanting to parent well; the struggle to keep a balance. The struggle between giving to and nurturing the girls and yet nurturing myself enough to do that sustainably. Sometimes I managed it and sometimes I failed and those girls were resilient and patient and generous and the lesson they have learnt I think is that the struggle is worth while. It is worth listening to the call of both of those voices, both are creations in a sense but both need different expression. La, Genevieve, you are a joy.