Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The package of samples should actually arrive at the Philadelphia ANTHROPOLOGIE office today. I re-wrote the cover letter four times and re-packed the box five times. (The box was free from the lady at the post office who wanted to make sure I had just the right box. A great reminder of why is nice to live in a small town :-)

Although I'll be waiting to hear from them, it will be a very active kind of waiting while I wrestle with the camera over the next couple of days. I decided to hire out and have a tech savvy young person work on my website and straighten up the blog. I need to get the photos together though and one thing I know I'm really lacking in is model shots.


  1. Yey! Exciting exciting. Good luck with the technology.I have spent more than half of today swearing at inanimate objects. Don't you just love how adequate and competent they make you feel...?

    1. I so sympathize with talking to computers! I've started the work on my website but it just takes FOREVER.
      Normally I am very much the do it yourself kind of person but I'm just going to pay my daughter's boyfriend to work for an hour or two. He needs the money - I need the work done. Everybody is happy!