Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Keeping it straight

I am more dependent than ever on calendars right now. I have a good bit going on and conversely dwindling brain space. I like the paper calendars that you write on. Call me old fashioned but I just haven't gotten the knack of keeping a calendar on my phone.

I keep one in the kitchen, a very detailed one at my desk, a jewelry order only one and in my studio…an inspiring one on the wall right at my work table.

This year as last I chose Francesca Lancisi's calendar. The images are soothing, abstract organics and you can download and print them for free!

I can't help but see these translated to big polymer beads.

If you'd like to know more about her check out her fantastic new website, her blog or  her Tuscan studio tour on the Elite 16 blog.


  1. Amen!

    I will always use paper for my calendar!

    I did find, however, that when I passed 50, I had to consolidate my three calendars into one master calendar. My brain just couldn't "do" three calendars.

    BTW, when my daughter was growing up, I taped movie stubs, orchestra programs, all of the ephemera of her life into the left page of the kitchen calendar. When she was in college, I wrote her a letter every day and tucked in a photo and one of the souvenirs from her life. She still has every one of those letters.

    1. One would probably be better for me at 47 yrs. Susan but I find that if I don't have one available in different areas I just don't write things down. So its laziness really. When I am 50 I will only have one kid homeschooling and that should make it easier for me the whole way around. (I hope!)

      Thats a really good idea about a calendar scrap book for your daughter!