Monday, June 26, 2017

Far out in the South Atlantic

Seventeen days since leaving home, just over a week since arriving to Saint Helena. When you are are really, really here as the nearest land is an even smaller island 2 days away by sea and the east coast of Africa is 1200 miles to the east.

Impromptu jewelry design on the beach in Cape Town.

Our flight (BWI to JFK to OR Tambo to CPT) was long but uneventful. Thats all you can really ask for in a 24 hr. economy class flight really, right? Uneventful. Our time in Cape Town was relaxing ( I really like Cape Town...I wish it wasn't so dangerous) but rainy. They need the rain so desperately though.

Deck of the RMS in the early morning.

Next - five day sea journey with calm seas, far too much delicious food and ,as always, interesting company. I must admit the sea sickness patches which do their job well also make me a bit dopey but non the less I always find the assortment of passengers on the Royal Mail Ship Saint Helena a bit like the UN. Saint Helenians traveling home, an Australian travel writer, The Bishop of the South Atlantic for the Roman Catholic Church...we are always the least traveled of the bunch.

Arriving Saint Helena 7:45am.

Our rental house is older this time, built fifty some years ago in the traditional Saint style with the bathroom accessed via the veranda. Our sweeping sea view faces directly west. Every sunset captivates me.

Our home while here. 

Our settling in has been smoother and easier this time. Much is familiar but most importantly friends welcomed us back just like we had only been gone a couple days. Sure there are many cultural differences but when you get down to it, people are really so very much the same. That has struck me so profoundly this time.

Looking north from The Peaks. Flagstaff is the pointy hill on the left. The barn which is volcanic formation is on the right. 

Thus far there's been a good bit of nesting, visiting, hikes and walks. We just started volunteering at SHAPE yesterday and now perhaps life with settle into a bit of a rhythm. 

Ever sunset is a marvel.


  1. Glad you are installed and settling in! Love to read these posts and be transported instantly away to this amazing interlude in your life!

    1. Thank you Claire! I think you'd love it here.

  2. I love to read about this trip Genevieve. What an incredible place. I'm so glad you have internet access there so you can share your adventures with the rest of us. . Thank you!

    1. Internet is a bit spotty and expensive but its one of our "must haves" while here. I would have a very hard time not being able to have that connection to home. I can't imagine the sailing ships that came through here, dropping off letters, hoping to pick one up from home, spending months and months with no word from family.

  3. Such wonderful photos and amazing experiences - I remember reading what you wrote last time you were away here and am so glad you're sharing things with us again :)

    1. Thanks so very much! I'm happy to be able to share my love for this spot of earth so far away and its wonderful to me that you enjoy it!