Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Home Again, home again.

We've been home for three weeks now and my settling in is going relatively well...meaning...I am sleeping normally and I have not cried in a grocery store. (Admittedly I did feel a little light headed in Trader Joe's over the weekend.) 

But somehow I feel like I'm not totally here.

Looking down into Sandy Bay.

The capital Jamestown, as seen from the deck of the RMS St. Helena.

It struck me that I've grown sufficiently attached to Saint Helena, more appropriately to people on Saint Helena, and I realize I will now live the rest of my life missing someone.  When I'm there I'll miss home and when I'm here, I miss there. (I believe there's an eloquent travel quote that states something similar - do you know it?)

My friend Marcus' valley. Well its not his valley but its the valley where his family homes are.

Recycle paper necklace and skeletal remains of a "leaf". Do you call them leaves? 

St. Pauls Anglican Church


  1. That's exactly how I feel about having friends all over the planet, and indeed all over the UK. Bring on the teleporter...

    1. Exactly. Teleporter! But settling for a plane for now...

  2. Genevieve, I found your work via a book. I looked online to see more. I found about st helena. Oh, oh, oh my. The island is an exquisite treasure. I hope to visit. Thank you for posting about your trip. Elizabeth

    1. It is indeed an exquisite treasure! It should be easier to visit after October - their airport has finally gotten a carrier. You can read about it here http://sthelenatourism.com/blog/fly-st-helena-14-october-2017/
      If you do indeed end up going, please be in touch as I'd be happy to help you!