Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Paper Jewelry

I managed to fit in some time working on my own jewelry here. I'm sure it wasn't the best to have the kitchen table also serve as my studio but my son and husband never complained. Not once. I let myself daydream a bit about a longer stay here and a full studio and what that would be like. (Might that happen someday?)

Triple wrapped beads.

By and large I just worked through ideas, techniques, sizing, but I did produce a few finished pieces and I'm offering one for auction with all money going to SHAPE.

Being a charity in one of the most remote communities in the world SHAPE is primarily dependent on aid, grants and donations. They are amazingly good at making due but the needs are many. For instances right now, they do not have a nurse staff. They have no medical aids to help with everyday life skills and none are available on island. Beyond they need simple things like a paper cutter, bead storage, school supplies, good crayons – all of these things are either not available, ridiculously expensive or must be ordered from somewhere far away. And for Saint Helena, everywhere is far away which means $$$ (or £££ as the case maybe be).

So I'm doing two things, small things really, right now to help with their needs.

I'm auctioning off this necklace with a reserve bid starting at $25. Its all recycled denim paper on nylon cord and at 32 inches slips right over the head. Incredibly lightweight as you'd imagine. If you are interested, please email me your bids by Friday of this week. Highest bidder is the winner and money will just go through my Paypal (as SHAPE has no means to accept off island donations right now) and I will deliver the full amount in cash before I leave Monday, August 7.

Denim recycled necklace

Also I'm able to offer a few of the recycled bangle bracelets that I designed for them made with one of SHAPE's main raw materials, cereal boxes. They are just $20 USD and that includes shipping from the US. They are 2 5/8 inches (67mm in diameter) which is a medium size bracelet. Again, if you are interested and can let me know by Friday, I can leave your donation in cash for them. 

Cereal box bracelets

 If you have any questions please be sure to let me know. Thanks so much!

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