Friday, July 20, 2018

Water views and respite

Headed out for some water views and much needed respite first thing in the morning. Although we hadn't planned on any sort of vacation this year, I'm so pleased we sorted out a week in Maine. Below are photos from the day we spent a day Calvert Cliffs on the Chesapeake Bay last week to help us get in the mood. 

We'll spend part of the week camping (please, please let the weather forecast improve!) and half the week in an Airbnb...that includes fully stocked studio space! 

Per my usual though, I will spend as much time outside as possible. I may do a bit of drawing and painting along with some beach combing and arranging of stuff found on the beach. Nothing too strenuous, save a bit of paddling maybe. (And I will do my best not to check news on my phone but I can't figure out at this point if that is foolhardy or absolute wisdom. I'm counting on my family to text me if there is something I absolutely have to know. ) 

You can find me on Instagram (at gwilliamson) as internet allows.


  1. If you're staying anywhere near Little Cranberry, come on over for some beach combing time!

    1. Sorry I'm just now responding Barb - I had limited internet access. We're home now but didn't venture any further north than Rockland this trip in an attempt to save money (camping for part of the week) and to slow down and spend a little more time just staring at water. Wish I could have gotten up to see you...its never, ever enough time in Maine!

    2. No worries. I'm glad you got to be here for a bit. It makes me really appreciate how lucky I am to live here.