Sunday, January 13, 2019

Craft Forms

Thankfully the snow held off long enough for us to make a trip to Craft Forms on Saturday. Its at the Wayne Art Center, not far outside Philadelphia just off Rt. 30.

Anu by Tate Newfield, Assembled blown glass, enamel paint

I was especially excited to see my internet friend Gail Baar's work in person. Her statement resonates strongly with me and I think you can probably see why we are drawn to each others work.

Body Language 7 by Gail Baar, Fiber

Notably there were two works in polymer, a necklace by Ford and Forlano and a brooch from Jeffrey Loyd Dever. But what Kyle and I both felt we enjoyed the most was simply the wide array of materials and techniques represented. It made for really interesting viewing and reading - metals, clay, paints, papers, fibers, staples, pine needles wool, scorched wood, resins, magnets, glass...antique bear fur.

The show runs until January 26 if you can make it.

Restore Your Agency II by Morgan Hill, various scorched woods, resin, magnets