Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Other artistic endeavors

I  purchased just a few new painting supplies to take on our trip. You pack carefully, for 2 months, on an island 1200 miles out to sea and only accessible by ship (or at least you should).

I paint a bit, not as much as I should but I enjoy it.  I thought I'd share this wonderful card that a customer turned friend recently sent me. The second photo is one of my paintings  - no wonder we get along! (I wonder if Marcia has a favorite brand of black pen...)

Marcia Simpson 2012

The view from Matinicus Island, 2010 by Me. 
Marcia is teaching a polymer basics class at Cotuit Center for the Arts in Contuit MA throughtout August. (Marcia is a veteran high school art teacher  - this should be a great class!) 
Marcia's work. Thats A LOT of beads! 

Green rocks by Marcia. I love these! Not surprising that a New Englander is good with stones and rocks. 

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