Friday, June 28, 2013


While Kyle's been helping with internet and Paypal and visiting the recycled paper facility, I've spent my time in the candle and jewelry making area at SHAPE.  I'm learning how they do things, who does what jobs and how to wrap a paper bead. But even more I've learned how to be thankful, how to be humble and how to be happy.

The tools used to make paper beads are inexpensive and simple - scissors, ruler, glue, toothpicks and varnish. The materials are all free - card stock, magazines, old newspaper and recycled paper. The necklace design is simple but the colors of the recycled boxes all curled up "do the work for you" so to speak. I love the riot of colors! 

Samara varnishes beads and helps make candles despite the fact that she has no use of her left hand.  

So when I've come home in the evenings I've been using the same materials and playing with design ideas. I think it might sound strange but the limitation is actually freeing.

With a small frig and  limited storage space, a walk to nearby shops is an almost daily event that usually yields a bounty of materials.  I found the ceramic pieces below embedded in the dirt road. One spot in particular is a treasure trove - maybe it was a dump spot at one time. I'm hoping to work out some sort of bezels.

The green pitted plastic bead was found at the south end of the island which sits near the top of the South Atlanic Gyre,  a swirl of currents that trap trash and particularly plastic debris. We hope to muck about there again next week. I like the idea of putting together a piece of jewelry with items totally gathered from one spot.  

The sunsets from our porch are amazing! 

Good night from the South Atlantic. 
Have a good weekend wherever you are! 

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  1. Gyre and gimble in the wabe...or something to that effect! I'm here and I miss you, but am fascinated to see your discoveries...