Monday, July 8, 2013

Temporary Studio Space

Its hard to believe that we are 1/2 way through our stay and I'm finally really get down to serious work. There's been so much gathering, learning, volunteering and musing. I've worked out an "oven within an oven" to safely use my electric kitchen oven and start some polymer additions, and maybe bezels, later this week.

Still life at Sandy Bay Beach

Experimenting with paper beads made from recycled paper

The dirt roads and paths are littered with broken pottery.

We spent Saturday morning rearranging the living/kitchen/dining room (14' x 17') to maximize the view and natural light. The table works great right at the window for dining and studio space.

I have a panoramic ocean view from this spot. 

This Wednesday we'll be part of a brainstorming session at the Arts and Crafts Centre (quite an honor to be included). The production of traditional Saint Helenian crafts have dwindled as young people simply don't seem to be interested. With the building of an airport underway and more visitors expected by 2016, there is a push to revive craft, inspire young artist/craftsman, encourage the older ones and to take it forward to meet the expected demand.

The Arts and Crafts Centre was moved from a dark basement like room about 18 months ago to this great central Jamestown location. 

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  1. such a lovely location for the Crafts Centre. It looks like it gets some nice lighting. As a tourist, when I visit areas away from home, I always try to find art/craft done by local artisans, whether traditional or not. It is really such a treat. I wonder how much tourism/visitors they will get, and how it will change things.