Saturday, June 22, 2013

The backstory

So here's a little history...

Saint Helena is a 47 square mile island, the remnants of a very dead volcano,  located 1200 miles from Namibia and 1800 miles from Brazil in the middle of the South Atlantic. Although technically in the subtropics at 16 degrees south of the equator, the SE Trade Winds give it a subtropical temperate climate with varying micro-climates.  From a historic standpoint, it was discover by Portuguese sailors in 1502, settled by the British in 1659, captured briefly by the Dutch in 1673, recaptured by the British and administered by the East India Co. until 1834 and is now a British Overseas Territory. This is the island "prison" where Napoleon died. 

We first came here June - August 2008 when Kyle was awarded a grant to do photo documentary work. It was a very difficult but amazing experience and although I spent a fair amount of time longing for home, I stood on the deck of the ship on the day we left, not being able to bear the thought of never coming back. 

So here we are again, now "on our own dime". We hope to be able to lend our time, our knowledge and support to people here. 

Here's a video of our drive into the capital "city" of Jamestown. (There should be a little sound attached. We'll see - I've never done this. )


  1. What a clever video clip! I never did like that drive down Ladder heartrate is elevated just watching the drive!

  2. I have only done it once so far although I willing drive other roads - its so tight in spots!.

    Its handy to have the iPhone to do short videos but I am working on another one with Ben's proper video camera.