Thursday, June 20, 2013

And the next day...

June 17

Today was a true, true treasure. Its the Queen's Birthday, an official British holiday, and we were invited by our very first Saint Helenian friend, Colin, to a braai (cook-out) with his extended family/friends at Sandy Bay, the black sand beach in the crater of an extinct volcano at the south end of the island.

A fire was built and 8 or 9 kinds of meat (blood sausage among them and, yes really, I tried it) accompanied a variety of salads, followed by a “sweet” course (pineapples, fruit crumbles/cobblers served with custard made on site). And just when we thought the eating was over, there was tea and dessert. Always tea.

Nothing like a braai with an ancient fortification as a backdrop. 

The rain held off and we had a wonderful day exchanging stories and learning about each other. I was asked "why are Americans so concerned with having semi-automatic weapons?" Hmm...good question.

One of the families at the braai is actually from Tristan da Cunha, the most remote part of this Overseas Territory with a population of 280 and located sort of between the Falklands and Cape Town.

Tomorrow more laundry and into town to get to the Arts and Crafts Centre! 

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