Friday, June 7, 2013

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Two vans, one train, two planes, three take-offs, three landings, one bus, one taxi, three countries, another hemisphere and twenty-nine hours and we've made it to Cape Town South Africa! Staying very well hydrated, adjusting our watches to SA time immediately upon boarding the first plane - and no doubt prayer - kept us almost jet lag free. We got up today at about 9:30am and ate a very hearty breakfast right in our hotel dining room that overlooks Table Mountain.

We are right on the beach and spent the afternoon picking up huge bivalves (twice the size of a man's hand) interesting rocks and sea sponges.

Tomorrow we board the RMS Saint Helena, head back north through the South Atlantic and I won't be able to blog again until we reach the island on June 13.

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  1. And they're off..... congratulations! Looking forward to more wonderful posts on your adventures!