Saturday, July 20, 2013

Landscape and Cityscape

I'm really happy that we did a good bit of hiking before now as the rains are getting more intense. Here are some images from the past week. 
The hike to the Heart Shaped Waterfall is the most well and maintained hike - except for the fact that there is no sign saying where the hike is.

Unfortunately the waterfall is currently just a drip. Ben is there in the lower right for scale.

On the way to Distant Cottage

My boys and I considering the view
Local bananas and local tomatoes are becoming less and less available but we still have local cabbage, onions, sweet corn, beets, carrots and chard.  The hills are getting really green, nights are a bit chilly and there have been some minor rock slide issues. This is winter in Saint Helena. 

The Run, seen below, is basically a walled stream the carries water from higher elevation through the back gardens of Jamestown and out to the sea. It makes for an easy interesting walk. 

I often find the the backs of building more interesting than the front. The climb of these stairs combined with the blue door have always made me imagine something magical inside.

Thanks for reading - have a great weekend! 

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  1. Any time I read your news from Saint Helena I think I should thank you for sharing this kind of personal diary with us. It's very nice and interesting to read about places and persons that far away. So, thank you very much!!! It is a pleasure to discover a little part of the world through your eyes.