Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rough Patch

We've hit a bit of a rough patch - figuratively and literally, emotionally, culturally...

For about two hours we watched water spouts form out to sea. None went all the way to the surface.  

So we're having a bit of a slow down and I'm working on beads. I'm considering listing some of the paper bead pieces when my shop re-opens on July 30 (with everything shipping from the U.S. on August 15). 

Terra cotta fully recycled paper beads. 


  1. Like UnaOdd said....lots of hugs. MWAA

  2. These beads are beautiful, so subtle in colour and style. So sorry you're having a rough patch - am finding your posts about your trip fascinating but that kind of extreme shift must also be hard work. Hope things smooth out for you soon :)

  3. Thanks everyone for your support! We're doing ok.
    Stepping back for a couple days and adjusting my attitude has really helped.