Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Survey the landscape

It might be a small island but there just doesn't seem to be enough time to enjoy all there is here.

Last Friday on our way home from SHAPE we made an impromptu stop at High Peak.
High Peak is that top pointy bit that sits on an already high ridge making for great views. 

Looking north east across the interior of the island from High Peak.

Saturday afternoon we hiked, got a bit lost, got caught in the rain and worried a few sheep. Kyle's photos, although they are wonderful, do not fully capture the feelings one has when standing in this landscape.

Saint Helena is definitely one of those "you just have to be here" kind of places. There is no vantage point that I have been to, by car or on foot, that is not dramatic.


  1. Lovely, stunning views. Is it chilly? You look bundled up... it's sweltering and humid here. The lamb is adorable. Loving all of your 'telling'.

  2. That first photo has a surreal science fiction look with the twisted trees permanently leaning away from the wind. Beautiful!

  3. It is a bit chilly Lynn, especially when you get up on one of the peaks. It was really windy, you had to really plant your feet to stay still. The weather is basically spring/fall like with a good bit of rain.

    Thank you both for the comments - its feel great to be connected even though we are far away!

  4. Beautiful scenery Genevieve! Soothing in a rugged kind of way! Loving the descriptions and will send a longer email soon. Make sure you keep making the most of those walking opportunities! Hugs, Wendy