Thursday, October 17, 2013

I injured a finger on my right hand, my dominate hand. Its amazing how having ONE finger not fully functioning slows you down. I have to be conscious of how I do everything. Maybe there's a lesson in it for me.

This is the lot of what went to the Danforth Gallery in Livingston MT (except for the ring second to the bottom). The show closes Oct. 21.

Have to admit that I won't be too upset if this ring comes back - I really like it. I had a last minute thought to mirror a bit of the design on the underside. This pleases me as much as the top.


  1. Oh no! Take good care of that finger....
    How wonderful to see all the work laid out like that! Don't count on any of it coming back...

  2. I love you work - inspires me every time it see it.