Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Do you Pinterest?

I certainly do Pinterest! Although I was a "cut things out and tape them to the wall" fan from childhood, Pinterest is cleaner, quicker, more portable and easier to share.  You can check out my boards here.

My island beads…sitting and waiting to become…something.
I have boards for jewelry (divided by category), my work, travel, house/home, cooking, photography, abstract art, permaculture, DIY, homeschool and so on - 80 different boards in all.  Follow along if you're interested in seeing what interests me (SO much more than just polymer clay jewelry - really). 

Kobi Bosshard, New Zealand
Il Lee
Disclaimer: Pinterest can be a bit like a drug for us visual types. Please pin responsibly :-) 

Paul Massey…relaxing space.

Hazel Brown from Shopworthwhile.
William Turnball, 1979


  1. We lurk in Pinterest together, and it's funny because I am just putting together a blog post about a Pinterest collection with which I'm a little(!) obsessed! Your jewelry boards are spectacular and I am so grateful for the time you've spent to find this inspiring work....

    1. Admittedly it feels just a bit like offering someone drugs ("hey kid, want some Pinterest?") If you are me you must take care, set time limits and so on! But I really enjoy the exchange of ideas and that I can, in a sense, curate my own inspiration.

      And the flip side, for artists without brick and mortar locations, Pinterest almost functions like a "shop window". Know what I mean?

      Look forward to your post on Pinterest! (I think I might know what collection it is but I won't spill the beans here ;-)