Thursday, December 5, 2013


I completely and totally forgot to post about a Crafted Object interview I did with the Aussie blog Tractor Girl at the end of October. Answering questions about myself, although a little uncomfortable, was productive because it helped me think through ideas about why I am doing what I am doing and how I got here. So if you're interested in reading about the time I did a jig at the Baltimore Museum of Art, check out the interview.

The second uncomfortable bit was that the first comment was from someone who liked my work but had purchased another piece of polymer jewelry, from someone else, that ended up breaking. I felt a little defensive at first but then I thought  "ok this is a chance to educate people about a material with which most people have very little experience".  

And then I started to wonder how often people don't purchase polymer jewelry simply because they have no idea what to expect of it, how it wears, how it feels, how durable it is and so on?  And then I started to think that education about the material needs to be a bigger part of my marketing, descriptions in my shop and general information because polymer doesn't have the same "history" as metal jewelry and, rightfully so, most people are hesitant about buying something they don't know about.  

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