Monday, January 13, 2014

Its about time

I finally got around to the hard work of completing my "About" page on Etsy. Why do I drag my feet on things like this? I don't know - uncomfortableness with talking about myself?  Its like exercise, writing about oneself. I don't necessarily enjoy it at the beginning but when its done I realize it was good for me because for some reason writing words about what I make helps me better understand what I make and why I make it.

Realizing that I could take bits of information from my website and elsewhere on my Etsy shop and just reconfigure, helped me get the job done because I didn't have to start from scratch.

I just finally started hanging artwork I've been collecting specifically for my studio. From left to right: print by Belinda Marshall, vintage map of one of my favorite parts of the world, photo by Merl Strunk taken of my husband while we were in college. I have some more prints, sitting in the foreground with the hammer, that need to be hung.
Needing to take the accompanying photos prompted a good clean up for my polymer work table too. So I guess its a win-win.

You can go here in my Etsy shop if you'd like to read a little more about me.

My husband made the earring storage/display piece for me by running wire around an antique wooden box. I have most of my finished work stored out of sight but I feel like I'd like to have my work out where I can see it. 

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  1. your space looks fresh and lovely ~ great photos. i don't warm to the writing about self/biz task either! thanks for sharing the print :)