Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tripled carved

My single strand of carved beads has grown. Thankfully I like to carve…

I added three dividers that keep the elastic strands in places and hide the knots while also acting as another design element. I might try adding two more in fact and incorporate the idea into the magnetic necklace thats slowly coming along too.

The bracelet is made to work with the Fragment earrings that are already in my Etsy shop. I think the line could use dangle earrings as well but I'm not quite happy with the prototype yet.


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    1. Thanks for the feedback, Heather! I enjoy the solitude of the studio but after a while you start to think "is anybody going to like this?"

  2. Lovely - very stylish but comfortable to wear.

  3. This is really neat, Genevieve! Did you make the beads in halves so the bracelet would conform to the wrist better? Yes, it's good you like to carve. I tried carving once. Cut my finger with my Docker tool. Scared myself. Docker tools haven't been used since. They cost me so dang much I feel I shroud give it another try. I just remember all that blood!

    1. Actually I took my Fragment earrings and drilled through them, front to back, to make beads and this just happens to make them curve nicely too.
      Did you use a leather thimble when carving? I use one most of the time and have never seriously cut myself. It helps to carve the clay warm too - you don't have to push as hard.

    2. I didn't realize there were leather thimbles. I'll look into that. I cut myself pretty seriously. Haven't had the nerve to do it again. However, seeing your lovely creations makes me consider having another go.

    3. Yeah, Celie Fago sells them in her Etsy shop but I found my current one at a sewing shop. My mom gave me my first one and I trashed it after a year or so. They are inexpensive enough though that I just plan to replace it as needed.
      I can understand your concern with trying again but the thimble would make a difference!

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