Thursday, April 17, 2014

We usually take at least one field trip towards the end of the school year, in truth, to save my sanity as we push through these last few weeks. Of course the kids gets something out of it too so its a "win-win".

This is the first time we've ever used the hand held "personal tour  guide" things. 
I'm glad our Baltimore Museum of Art trip had to be re-scheduled because of snow because the day we ended up there was gloriously spring-y and we ate our packed lunches in the sculpture garden amid a sea of daffodils. Ah yes, this was just the kind of day I needed!

I have always loved the mosaics of Antioch and the slanting spring light makes for the perfect experience in this gallery.



  1. Genevieve i am like a child in a lolly shop here in Spain. So much wonderful eye candy in so many forms. Museums and art galleries I had only read about. Artists I never dreamt of seeing in the flesh. And meeting the delightful Sona Grigoryan was fabulous. I raved to her about you as I think, even though your work is very different, you share a passion for the organic form. Thanks for sharing these pictures. We were not allowed to take photos in the galleries/ museums here unfortunately! Much love, Wendy

    1. We are seriously considering a trip to Spain. (My great-grandfather was born in Zaldibar, near Bilbao and I'm really very interested in finding out more about my Basque heritage.) The BMA only allows photos in certain galleries. I got in trouble taking a photo of a Klee that was, unbeknownst to me, off limits.

      I love Sona's work! I certainly enjoy her organic forms and that she is "pushing" the material and really "doing her own thing". What a treat that you got to meet her!