Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stepping away

After I get some things done online today I'll be stepping away for a one week internet fast. The Etsy and Big Cartel shops will stay open but otherwise I'll be focused on some things that really need my full attention right now. 

Have a super week - see you soon! 

This necklace will eventually have a clasp so it can be worn short or long. 


  1. That's so funny - I was just contemplating doing the very same thing.....have a restful, workful week! I say this because I know the internet interferes terribly with work, and the point is, I LET IT do that!

    1. Oh yes me too, I allow it! Thats why I am going on a fast. I think accomplishing some things OFF the computer is going to be fulfilling and will encourage me to CONTROL my usage in the future.
      Actually signing off now…bye!

  2. And this can be a welcome back one Gen....that necklace is drop dead beautiful. So so gorgeous. Enjoy this time. I think media fasts are a wonderful idea and they do help you get less hooked. As does travel! Hugs from Spain! Wendy