Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Today is the last day for orders in my Etsy shop before a bit of Christmas break. How much of a break it will be is yet to be determined as anthropologie is still working on my order which they expect to finalize by Christmas day at the latest.

Earthy beaded necklace

Now that the preliminary decisions have been made, I am working the an assistant buyer and buying operations coordinators and I do have to say that everyone I've talked to has been really nice. I sold a small selection of pieces to Terrain, anthropologie's earthy, garden/home goods "sister store", about 4 years ago so I'm still in the Urban Outfitters vendor system which makes things a bit easier. The legal vendor stuff is ever so fun to read (NOT) and a bit frightening at that.

And in other news... its so great to be part of a dark, jewelry finds collection over on Amy Tavern's blog. Probably no surprise that I love her work so I'm quite please to be there with such great company!

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