Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New earrings and Neckline friendly Necklace

The new Reef pieces have posted to the shop! As of now, three necklaces and one style of earrings are available. Some of the earrings have already sold but I'll be adding more within the next couple of days.

Reef earrings, each pair is one of a kind. Genevieve Williamson,

The longest necklace has a clasp designed for versatility to allow it to be worn single and long, or doubled over and short, to accommodate different necklines. That way you get more mileage, as it were, out of one piece and I'm all for that.

Reef necklace #2, versatile two in one necklace that can be work short or long. Genevieve Williamson,

Reef necklace #2, versatile two in one necklace. Genevieve Williamson,

Due to the fact that I free form marble the clay to create the earrings, all pairs will be one of a kind and will go together but won't match exactly because...I like asymmetry. A lot. And this also means that any of the earrings will "go with" the multi-colored necklaces.

Reef necklace #3, multi-colored with and easy to use hook clasp. Genevieve Williamson.

Reef necklace #3. Genevieve Williamson.

I was very fortunate to my daughter model for me this time around (although she probably should have been the one taking the photos). Thanks Ema

Reef necklace #1. Like my original Reef necklace but better. Genevieve Williamson.


  1. I love asymmetry in handcrafted jewellery - it kind of shows that it's been created by one person, by hand, not automated, and I think that has a lot of value.
    Also, I looked at your daughter's website - talent is obviously hereditary!

  2. Thanks so much Silver - I agree about showing the handmade quality!
    And thank you for looking at Ema's site! She is doing quite well with her photography. We gave her a camera when she showed some interest at 15 yrs. and it has paid off.