Monday, March 5, 2018

Gallery Opening

Yesterday's opening was quite a success - very much worth the 5 hour round trip journey.

The gallery was full of visitors from the minute the doors opened and it was still going strong when my husband and I had to leave at 2:30. For a small museum, Bellefonte has quite a following, many people who loyally attend First Sunday gallery openings. Its quite a testament to the tireless volunteers and employees who have worked so hard to build its reputation over the past
10 years or so.

Currently there is a pen and ink exhibit, photography, digital art, fiber collage and in the Windows gallery, colorful Kanga garments from East Africa.

If you visit please be sure not to the miss the Underground Railroad exhibit on the third floor. A small but clever display allows visitors to see the two secret rooms recently found in the building that hid escaped slaves on their way to Canada. 

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