Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Crafting a booth set up...the dress rehearsal

We spent yesterday packing, setting up, taking photos and critiquing my booth set up. The unload and set-up (including two trips back and forth to home for forgotten bits)  took about 2 1/2 hrs.,  I shot 15 photos in 3 mins. Then... we took the whole thing down and packed it back into the car in all of 15 mins.

I'm pretty sure the janitor at the church who graciously allowed us to use their big, open foyer, with amazing skylights, for this non-event thought we were a little nuts but he didn't let on.

Ignore that wrinkly curtain, we put that up to give us a better
concept of what all this will look like within the pipe and drape. 

I'm happy with about 50% of this but the "run through" was invaluable and now I know what I need to change and do differently WELL in advance of the Craft & Design Show in November.

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