Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Richmond show

Other than the stress of our trip south starting out in heavy snow, the weekend at Craft+Design in Richmond was fantastic! The Visual Arts Center took good care of us in every way from the opening night cocktail party, to Saturday night artists dinner to offers of help during tear down. If you've heard good things about Richmond...believe them. I'm looking forward to going back for a long weekend when we can explore more of this beautiful, historic, artsy city.

I got a little weepy seeing one of those signs with my name for the first time. 

This makes it look like my husband did all the work. That would be because he did. The tricky bits anyway. 

We really enjoyed getting to know our "neighbor" vendors at the show too, one of whom, Jenny Jen 42, as it turns out, was my Dad's student teacher in 1986! What a small world! I'll be doing Holiday Heap with her in just 3 weeks. The others I'll see again in a few short months at ACC  Baltimore. So happy for that.  

And now for a bit of down time. Wishing all those in the US a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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