Thursday, May 1, 2014

Detox complete!

My one week internet fast is now complete and in a way, its a bit sad.  It was a like a brain vacation and I'm not quite ready to go home.

Other than accomplishing some actual, physical tasks, the week taught me I was correct about something that I already suspected. I had developed information indigestion. The internet is like a huge information buffet and what I really need is a small plate and portion control.

These pieces are developing into long and short necklaces - they are super lightweight! 

The first day disconnected I noticed that I was actually calmer - I physically felt better. Even leaving everything else the same... homeschool, housework, studio time…not ingesting so much information everyday really cleared my head. I functioned better because I had focus and patience for every situation that arose.

But the internet isn't bad in and of itself and its a necessary part of my work. So I've decided to schedule my time online rather than let it be so free form, giving it a specific and defined time frame and spending it wisely like calories or money. And I'll definitely take internet vacations every now and then. Obviously you are reading my blog on the internet so it sounds strange to say here but I really recommend giving it a go yourself - even if for just a weekend. If you do, I'd love to hear what you take from the experience!


  1. Oh I really should take an internet-break too; I'm becoming a real addict lately
    Love the necklaces btw; what material is it since you say they are so light weight?

  2. Yeah its so easy to get sucked in because in reality there is a lot of good stuff to see and learn. For me its just about controlling the amount of time I spend.
    Glad you like it! Its made of polymer clay, a plastic clay that cures at low temps, not a traditional ceramic clay. It comes in a wide array of colors but for this necklace I used an off white that I mixed myself and translucent. The beads and cut from very thin sheets of clay. You can get more info. here….

  3. I can relate to this completely. I can get completely sucked up in the interwebs and stay there all day. There are days that I do nothing but computer stuff (in between the mother/wife stuff). And you're exactly right about it muddling your head and making you feel scattered and anxious. Every time I try to schedule my internet time, though, is when some really great conversations and threads will come up that I really don't want to miss (from a business standpoint). I prefer the flexibility of a more dynamic schedule. But you're right about the internet vacation. I need to do it. We'll be in the UK the entire month of June, though, so I'll be offline a lot of that. But it's not the same thing, is it. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yeah, its hard to balance and everybody is going to be different in how they can, and should, manage time. The fact that I homeschool also plays into my need to be super careful about my schedule. If I can off track - the kids get off track. And I am a person who naturally gets off track! I think at least being mindful about my time is helping me.
      Hey we'll be in the UK end of June! And we won't have internet where we're staying so Pinterest and blogs will be assigned to bits of time at Wi-Fi hotspots.